The Team

  • 20180228_133732

    Professor Linda Wooldridge

    Currently: Professor in Translational Immunology, University of Bristol. Career Profile: I graduated as a veterinarian from the University of Bristol in 1996 and after several years of small animal clinical practice developed a keen interest in immunology. Subsequently, I completed a MSc in Human Immunology...
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  • Cath Lewis

    Dr Cath Lewis

    Currently: I have been awarded a Wellcome Trust Research Training Fellowship which is aimed at optimizing the herpesvirus-specific CD8 T-cell response, under the supervision of Professor Linda Wooldridge (Bristol), Dr Ian Humphreys (Cardiff) and Professor David Price (Cardiff). Career Profile: I qualified in veterinary science...
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  • UCardPhoto

    Lea Knezevic

    My PhD project focuses on optimisation of CD8 T cells for anti-tumour T-cell therapies, and it is a part of the Marie Curie Innovative Training Network ENACTI2NG. The aim of the project is to design optimal CD8 mutant co-receptors, which in combination with different anti-tumour...
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    Dr Ore Francis

    My current project involves the generation of new tools to study the immune system of pigs as part of a joint US-UK BBSRC-NIFA funded Swine Immune Toolkit Initiative. I obtained my BSc in biochemistry from University College London and gained further laboratory experience during a...
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  • AL copy

    Dr Anya Lissina

    Currently: Postdoctoral researcher, investigating the role of CD8+ T cells in T-cell large granular lymphocytic leukaemia (T-LGL). Career profile: I obtained an MSc in Biochemistry from the University of Oxford in 2006, specialising in Virology, Molecular Immunology and Human Disease in my final year. Subsequently, I pursued...
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