Chen, J. L., Stewart-Jones, G., Bossi, G., Lissin, N., Wooldridge, L., Choi, E. M. L., Dunbar, P. R., Esnouf, R. M., Sami, M., Boulter, J. M., Rizkallah, P., Renner, C. Sewell, A., van der Merwe, P. A., Jakobsen, B. K., Griffiths, G., Jones, Y. and Cerundolo, V. 2005. Structural and kinetic basis for heightened immunogenicity of T-cell vaccines. J Exp Med 201:1243-1255. IF: 14.5.

**Novel insight into enhancing the immunogenicity of peptides for cancer vaccination. I performed T cell activation assays and CD8 dependency evaluation. Cited 80 times.

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