Clement, M., K. Ladell, J. Ekeruche-Makinde, J.J. Miles, E.S. Edwards, G. Dolton, T. Williams, A.J. Schauenburg, D.K. Cole, S.N. Lauder, A.M. Gallimore, A.J. Godkin, S.R. Burrows, D.A. Price, A.K. Sewell, and L. Wooldridge. 2011. Anti-CD8 antibodies can trigger CD8 T cell effector function in the absence of TCR engagement and improve peptide-MHCI tetramer staining. J Immunol 187:654-663. IF: 5.745.

**Highlights the highly variable cell surface effects observed with anti-CD8 antibodies and how correct interpretation is critical when using these reagents. This paper will have an impact on the way that T cell activation assays are performed. Faculty1000 has placed this paper in the top 2% of published articles in biology and medicine.

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