Wooldridge, L., A. Lissina, J. Vernazza, E. Gostick, B. Laugel, S. L. Hutchinson, F. Mirza, P. R. Dunbar, J. M. Boulter, M. Glick, V. Cerundolo, H. A. van den Berg, D. A. Price, and A. K. Sewell. 2007. Enhanced immunogenicity of CTL antigens through mutation of the CD8 binding MHC class I invariant region. Eur J Immunol 37:1323-1333. IF: 4.942.

**A paper which examined the biological effects of enhancing the strength of the pMHCI/CD8 interaction. This had never been achieved before and provides a novel way in which to enhance pMHCI specific immunity. Cited 20 times.

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